One hundred years ago: the good old days?

Storms 1912, 2012

Here we are, in August 2012, experiencing a heat wave broken up by torrential storms.  We don’t know whether to complain about the storms or about the scorching sun.  Open your windows to let in a breeze and the rain comes in as well.  Global warming?  Or has it always been like this?  Our Chairman has been doing a little research.

August 1912 was a very rainy month too and as the month went on the rain fell increasingly heavily.  On the 26th August it started early and swept in on great vigorous gusty gales until well after midnight.  The saturated ground could not support some of the great trees of the village which fell and blocked roads and the puddles became ponds and flooded across the roads and into the cottage homes.  Martham was devastated. 

These photos, kindly provided by David Stretton from his collection, show dramatically how things were:











The top photo shows the junction of White Street and Back Lane, with Pyman’s Store (now demolished) jutting into the road.


The second is Back Lane in the opposite direction.







The third is Back Lane from slightly further along and at a different angle.











The fourth and fifth show Black Street with the church tower in the

distance - first blocked by a fallen tree and flooded, and then after the tree has been sawn up.






















Not many of our readers will remember the great flood of 1912!  Many think that the floods only affected Norwich, however nearly every part of Norfolk was too.  It became a disaster area.  If memories have been passed down to any of our readers we would be very pleased to hear from you. 


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