A historical scarecrow - scarecrow festival 2010-2012


An old-style school teacher was our

choice for our entry to join nearly 200

others in the 2010 Martham Scarecrow

Festival.  With his mortarboard (made

from an inside-out football and some

pond liner), black gown and cane he was

a daunting presence in the garden of

The Old School House.  The idea was

that he was leaning on the fence looking

out for the children coming to school as

the head teacher in the Nineteenth

Century may well have done.

We were grateful that the Old School

House owners allowed us to erect him on

such a suitable site. 

He certainly made an impression on the younger children.  "Scary", one of them said, and they were pleased that their own modern teachers are a bit different.  A good impression was made on the judges, too, who awarded him Third Place in the Traditional Scarecrow category.

Another scary scarecrow - 2011


Our old scarecrow spent the last year

sleeping in the beams of a member's

garage - looking frighteningly lifelike!

We decided that his bendy frame could

be adapted to represent another

historic period.

As we have a visit later in the year from

Neil Storey under the title "The Real

Dad's Army", we wove a little tale

around last year's Headmaster

scarecrow being called out of retirement

by the urgent needs of World War II.   

Listening to his radio in 1940 he heard

the call to help defend the country and

bravely joined up with the Local Defence

Volunteers, who became the Home Guard

a couple of months later.  These brave 

men did their bit to help us win the war,

and this year our determined-looking

scarecrow helped the History Group win

overall third prize in the 2011 Martham

Scarecrow Festival.  Following on to last

year’s award we were delighted.  We

hope we can keep up the standard next

year - but maybe with something a little

less scary!

These photographs were taken by

members Chris and Ann.  Component parts were loaned by Nicola, Phil and Noel and son-in-law, and the "sculptors" were again Pat and Noel.

Teddy Boy scarecrow - 2012

A brand new scarecrow this year - a 

1950s Teddy Boy to complement our

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee. 

Hand made and hand painted face, with

two hundred straw hairs added, but no

prize this year.  However, as the winner

was a Roman legionnaire we felt that 

History had again done its bit.  The

Teddy Boy appeared again, welcoming

visitors to the Jubilee exhibition.

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