Members' talks:

18 September 2018

Three members volunteered to give imaginative and well researched talks on their chosen topics as part of the Annual General Meeting.  Called 'Members take the floor' it included,

Graham Gislam (Local History Unearthed); 
Anne West (Nursing in the 1950’s) and
Chris Harrison (A Brief History of Royal Flying)

This event included a spirited and fascinating quiz based on metal detecting finds in and around Martham.  Click here for this talk by Graham Gislam.

This talk was followed by a personal and autobiographic description of nursing in the first years of the National Health Service, over 70 years ago.  Click here for this talk given by Anne West.

Finally, a well illustrated history of royal flying from its earliest days was given by Chris Harrison:  click here.

For the 2018 AGM Chairman's report click here.

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