History walk 17: The green lane from Ferrygate Lane to Cess Road and westwards i.e. TG447193 to TG429187

Physical Character and Historical Ecology


This green lane runs due west in a straight line from Ferrygate Lane at TG447193 to Cess Road at TG440189 and was created at the Enclosure as Private Road No. 15.  The green lane then continues west at a slightly different angle until it ends at TG429187.  This green lane was Private Road No. 16.


The lane is about 12 feet wide throughout its length and on each side are the deep ditches created to drain the common marshland during the Enclosure.  The ditches are regularly cleared to ensure that the flow of water is maintained and the silt is dropped on the banks.  Very quickly vegetation grows and reeds and flowers spring up.  In a few places trees – crack willow, white willow, pussy willow and alders - have grown on the other side of the ditch.  On the south side of the ditch near to the end of the lane was a gigantic crack willow tree which looked as though it would be over four metres in girth but was inaccessible for measuring.  It was possibly already growing when the ditch was dug.

1.  The lane leaves Ferrygate Lane at TG447193

2.  Looking back at the beginning of the lane

3.  The lane as it reaches Cess Road at TG440189

4.  Looking back from the Cess Road junction

5.  The lane continuing west from TG440189

6.  Looking back at the junction above

7.  Looking back from near the end of the lane.  Here you see the huge crack willow tree

8.  The end of the lane at TG429187

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